If you have answered “YES” to any of the above questions, then keep on reading as you have finally found the answer.

Justin Herald is known globally as the guy who took $50 and turned it into a multi-million International Brand.

Justin speaks all over the world at corporate and small business conferences, has written 8 International Best Selling Books, and mentors business owners globally. But now he is now making time to assist those who are wanting to either start a business or grow their struggling start-up.

What you need is assistance from someone who has DONE it and is STILL doing it!

 It’s like finding a short cut.

There are a lot of areas you need to ensure you have done right when you start a business, so it’s the smart business owners who get the proper advice who are the ones that have a better chance of succeeding.

Don’t be one of those start-ups who try to do it themselves only to realise in a few months that you should have gotten proper advice and learnt from someone who knows what needs to be done AND also knows the short cuts!

Justin will personally mentor you ONE ON ONE and guide you in the areas that need work and attention with your idea and business.

If you want the best start then you need the right advice and direction.


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Justin Herald is a man with Attitude! In 1995, all Justin had to start his business was $50 and an attitude. With clever marketing campaigns and a strong desire to make it work, Justin set out to turn his $50 into a multi-million-dollar business in just 6 years.
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